Horváth & Partners again honoured with “Best of Consulting” award

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Horváth & Partners again honoured with “Best of Consulting” award. Management consultancy receives consultancy award from German magazine Wirtschaftswoche for ninth time.

In this year’s “Best of Consulting” competition, Wirtschaftswoche once again ranked Horváth & Partners as among the best consulting firms in Germany. In the “Strategy” category, the management consultancy was awarded the coveted consultancy prize for its digitalisation project with the Swiss banking establishment Cler. The award ceremony took place on 3 December 2019 in Düsseldorf. For Horváth & Partners, this is the ninth time it has taken home the prize since the competition’s founding in 2010.

“The distinction awarded by WirtschaftsWoche is a further confirmation of the high benefit of the project for our customers in the promising field of digitalisation. At the same time, we also view it as an incentive to continue providing the best possible support for our customers with their transformations in the future,” says Dr Michael Kieninger, spokesman of the board for Horváth & Partners.

Cler is revolutionising banking in Switzerland

The impetus for the award-winning project came from the strategic repositioning of the Bank Coop, which was integrated into the Basler Kantonalbank in 2017. Horváth & Partners developed a future-focused transformation concept for the bank. The result was the Bank Cler, which with its "Zak" app launched Switzerland’s first smartphone bank - thus breaking out of the traditional retail banking sector.

“When analysing the customer structure in the context of rebranding, it became clear that Cler needs to attract new customers under the age of 40 in particular,” explains Jörg Schönhärl, project leader and partner at Horváth & Partners. This is why “Zak” is designed as a mobile bank from the ground up, and is especially geared towards the needs of young, digitally savvy customers. And precisely these customers were continuously included in the development thanks to an agile working mode. “The combination of our tried and tested strategy approach and the agile work method was crucial to the success of the app’s rapid go-live,” Schönhärl declares.

Innovative functions with added value

The functions included in “Zak” are purposefully oriented towards a young target group, and enable a user experience with which the customers of social media and messaging apps are familiar. For example, users can set up, change and delete “piggy banks” instead of rigid sub-accounts, and can even move money between them independently.

Moreover, the free app also offers a chatbot messenger that provides customers with round-the-clock support. In addition, there is also the integrated “Zak store”, a digital marketplace with supplementary offers from other companies such as insurance providers and online retailers.

“The integrated ecosystem considerably increases the day-to-day relevance of the bank’s own banking services,” Schönhärl explains.

True to its positioning as a “digital bank with a physical presence”, Cler does observe a mobile-first approach, but it also facilitates personal contact via its branch network for those customers who do not want their bank to exist exclusively on their smartphone. “In this way, Bank Cler has succeeded in doing justice to the needs of its regular customers, while also tapping into a new target group and thus optimising its customer structure. Now it is ideally equipped for the future,” Jörg Schönhärl summarises.

The “Best of Consulting” competition

With its “Best of Consulting” contest, WirtschaftsWoche identifies Germany’s best business consultancies in the categories of Strategy, Finance, Operations, Technologies, Marketing & Organisation and Pro Bono. The customer projects submitted are evaluated using qualitative and quantitative criteria, on the basis of a structured project description (self-image) and a standardised evaluation form filled in by three client representatives (external image).

About Horváth & Partners

Horváth & Partners is an internationally active, independent management consultancy firm based in Stuttgart. The company employs over 1,000 highly qualified employees at locations in Germany, Austria, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates. Its membership of the international consulting alliance “Cordence Worldwide” supports its ability to carry out consultation projects in important economic regions with the highest level of technical expertise and precise knowledge of the local conditions.

The core competences of Horváth & Partners are corporate management and performance optimisation - for companies as a whole as well as for the business and functional departments of Strategy, Innovation, Organisation, Sales, Operations, Purchasing, Controlling, Finances and IT.

Horváth & Partners stands for project results that create a sustainable benefit. This is why Horváth & Partners accompanies its customers the entire way, from the designing of the business concept to its embedding in processes and systems.

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